Best Electric Lawn Mower 2023 – How to Choose a Good One

With all the advancements in technology, today’s consumer is spoilt for choice. It is perhaps one of the biggest advantages that consumers have over the past few decades – to be faced with a plethora of options when shopping for just about anything.

    In this article, we will look at another popular product category – lawn mowers. These are machines that are used in cutting grass. Although there are still manual lawn mowers in the market, electric lawn mowers have become increasingly popular due to many benefits they offer over their traditional counterparts. There are several brands of electric lawn mowers in the market, and it can be quite a daunting task for you to find out which one is the best for your needs.

    We will guide you through the process by providing consumer reports on some of the best electric lawn mowers in the market, and we will also attempt to give an unbiased review of each product description that is provided. Let’s get started!

Top Picks

The Best Lawn Mower in 2023 Reviews

       1) GreenWorks PRO 80V 21-Inch Cordless Lawn Mower

    GreenWorks is one of the most popular brands offering lawn mowers. This particular model is powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery that lasts for around 60 minutes after charging for only 4 hours. It has 3 blades, with each blade being made from stainless steel to ensure you get a clean cut. Another great aspect of this lawn mower is its smart technology that allows you to set the pace at which it moves, so you can have more control over your garden or lawn. The maximum cutting height is 3 inches, and the deck can fold up for easy storage.

    2) GreenWorks 16-Inch Corded Lawn Mower

                        This machine is suitable for lawns that have flat terrain. It weighs around 37 pounds and comes with a powerful 10 amp motor. The mowing deck can be tilted to up to 11 degrees, allowing you to get your grass at the ideal cutting height. If you are looking for an environmentally-friendly solution, this product is also one of the best choices on the market today. For example, this electric lawn mower operates without having emissions being released into the atmosphere. It has 5 cutting heights ranging from 5/8-Inch to 2-5/8-Inch. If you need additional space for storage purposes, it also comes with integrated cord management brackets.

    3) BLACK+DECKER Electric Lawn Mower

                        This machine is equipped with a powerful 6,5 amp electric motor that provides enough power for cutting grass. It weighs around 13 pounds. The handle on the back of the mower can be folded down to make transportation easier. You will also like its control panel, which comes with start buttons and an indicator light. The height adjustment knob located at the top of the mower allows you to set your preferred blade height according to your needs (1/6 inch to 2,4 inches). One disadvantage worth mentioning is that the cord has to be unplugged whenever you have to empty the grass collection bag.

    4) Worx WG775 Lawn Mower

                        The WORX WG775 is one of the top electric lawn mowers on our list, and it comes with a powerful 60V lithium ion battery that is rechargeable. It has a cutting width of 14 inches and weighs around 32 pounds. In addition, this machine comes with three cutting modes – mulching, side discharge, and rear bagging. As it runs on electricity, you will not have to worry about fumes being released into the environment due to its environmentally friendly design. There are also 3 different height positions ranging from 2 inch to 3,5 inches.

    5) BLACK+DECKER 20-Inch Lawn Mower

                        The BLACK+DECKER is a useful electric lawn mower that can be used in households with flat terrain. It has a powerful 40V lithium ion rechargeable battery, which provides enough power for it to cut grass. Unlike other products on the market, this unit does not have height adjustments or multiple cutting modes to choose from. However, you will find its bagging system user-friendly, allowing you to store your grass collection conveniently.

       6) GreenWorks Cordless Lawn Mower

                  This machine has a cutting width of 18 inches and comes with a powerful 40V rechargeable battery. One of its main advantages is that it can be removed from the mower and used as a handheld trimmer. If you want to clear an area on your lawn, this product will serve you well. Like other options in its category, it also has the option of rear bagging grass clippings or mulching them into fine pieces.

       7) GreenWorks Lawn Mower

                        If you are looking for a powerful electric lawn mower, this product is one of the best options on the market. It has an 80V battery that provides enough power to cut grass. The cutting width is around 20 inches and there are six different height positions to choose from depending on your preferences. You can also choose between rear bagging or mulching when it comes time to empty the grass collection bag. This machine weighs around 57 pounds which makes it suitable for most people who need an efficient lawn mower for their gardens.

    8) Sun Joe Electric Lawn Mower

                        The Sun Joe MJ401E is a powerful electric lawn mower that comes with a single blade cutting system. It has a variable speed control system, allowing you to choose between 4 different positions depending on your needs. In addition, it has an 14-inch cutting width and 3 height adjustment positions.

  9) GreenWorks 40V 21-Inch Lawn Mower

                   This machine runs on a rechargeable lithium ion battery that offers plenty of power for cutting grass. It also features a 21-inch steel deck and seven variable height positions, which makes it suitable for most types of terrain. Its cutting width is 18 inches and there are rear bagging and mulching options for your convenience.

                        The GreenWorks GMAX40V is a powerful electric lawn mower that has a cutting width of 21 inches. It weighs around 67 pounds and is considered one of the best products to use in areas with flat terrain. You can choose between mulching, rear bagging or side discharge when it comes time to empty the grass collection bag. This machine also has a durable steel deck and seven different height adjustment positions, allowing you to choose the one that is best for your needs.

              10) BLACK+DECKER Electric Lawn Mower

                        The BLACK+DECKER is a powerful lawn mower that has a cutting width of 12 inches and weighs around 13 pounds. It also comes with height adjustments, ranging from 1/6 inch to 2/4inches . With its 18V rechargeable battery pack, you can be sure that this model will take care of all your grass trimming needs.

  Buying Guide For Best Electric Lawn Mower

 What are you looking for in an electric lawn mower? Quiet, efficient power? An environmentally friendly solution to the “lawn or nature” conundrum of suburbia? Or maybe you just want something that doesn’t require the pitiful amount of effort involved in pushing a traditional machine up and down your front yard.

Whatever feature it is that draws you to electric slayers, there are some important things to consider before making the purchase—because while they’re not more complicated than their gas-powered counterparts, they do have distinctive advantages and disadvantages.

First let’s get rid of one common misconception about electric lawn mowers: They don’t instantly start mowing at full speed when you pop on the key. So if this is what you’re accustomed to, it’s time to shed the “mechanics” mindset and embrace the idea of pushing a button.

What happens instead is that an electric lawn mower won’t start if its safety features are disabled—so the key must be turned once so that throttle control can be activated, allowing you to vary speed as needed. This is known as “one-pull starting,” which makes starting easier on the engine but takes some getting used to for newbies.

Once you’re rolling, though, it’s just like riding a bike: There are no gears or shifting mechanisms—just less chance of falling off because your feet are firmly on the ground.

Just keep in mind how high (or low) you want your grass to be cut, and adjust the height knob accordingly. This is far simpler than it sounds: You’ll find a frame that holds blades around a pin or chain. Simply turn the dial to increase or decrease blade length as needed.

Some electric lawn mowers also offer mulching capabilities—but be warned, if it costs less than $300 at Lowes , you’re basically looking at a toy. There are plenty of models available from reputable manufacturers, though, that come with decks specifically designed for mulching and bagging grass clippings (if you prefer).

The benefits of owning an electric lawn mower: no gas, no oil changes and virtually zero noise pollution aside from the gentle hum coming from its motor…

So now we’ve discussed the “how”—it’s time to cover the “why.”

Advantages of Electric Lawn Mowers

* Lower environmental impact. Without the need to burn fuel, electric models are inherently more sustainable than their gas-powered counterparts.

* Reduced maintenance costs . It’s true that you’ll have to recharge batteries occasionally and replace blades every few years, but that’s a small price compared to refilling your tank at least once per month. And it doesn’t involve any hazardous chemicals or dirty oil changes either.

* For city dwellers , zero emissions makes them perfect for neighborhoods where gas-powered equipment is banned. You can even get an electric lawn mower with a solar panel on its battery charger!

The disadvantages of electric mowers:

* Slightly higher initial cost . While some models are competitive with gas-powered equivalents on price, you typically have to pay a bit more for the convenience of not having to buy gasoline.

* Longer recharge time compared to a traditional lawn mower. If your yard is smaller than an acre, then this won’t apply—but if you’re like many homeowners and require several charges per week, it can add up over time!

* Lighter weight (and therefore less power) means they don’t work well in heavy grass or on steep inclines. If your home is located in the forest or atop a mountain, electric may not be your best bet.

So let’s go ahead and answer that age-old question: Which is better—gas or electric?

The answer: It’s personal preference. Both have distinct advantages and disadvantages, but there is no “right” answer per se. Only you can decide which one is right for your particular situation (and budget).

So now that we’ve covered the basics of finding an electric lawn mower that’s right for you, here are some additional factors to consider when shopping for a new one . Take your time and do your research—because while most people like saving money whenever possible, getting a bad deal on something as important as this will only end up costing more in the long run.

How to Find the Best Electric Lawn Mowers

* Keep in mind where you’ll use it . Knowing the size of your yard, plus whether or not there are any inclines, will help narrow down your search.

* Consider maneuverability . This is particularly important for people with lots of obstacles or tight spaces to mow around—or if you have an aversion to lawnmower-induced road rage.

* Do you want a cordless model? If so , take note of how long it takes to recharge and choose one that best fits your needs. Our article on what to look for when shopping for a good cordless drill can help give you some guidance here!

* If mulch mode is important , do you need side discharge capabilities as well ? Make sure the deck design allows for these features if applicable—and be aware that larger electric lawn mowers will typically have a higher price tag.

* Consider personal comfort . If you’re taller or shorter than average, then ergonomic controls and adjustable handlebars can improve the user experience significantly.

What is an Electric Lawn Mower?

An electric lawnmower—as opposed to a gas-powered one—is an alternative option for cutting grass in your yard without having to buy gasoline, mix oil with it, tune it up regularly…etc. Instead you have a cord attached that plugs into a socket somewhere near your home that sends power from the outlet to run the motor which then spins the blades at high rotations per minute (RPM) so they cut through the grass quickly and easily.

There are smaller electric models that you might see people use in their yards when they’re cutting the grass that are battery powered instead of plugged into a socket. And larger ones that can usually cut about 1 acre of grass on one charge and need to be plugged in when you’re done using them for a little while so they can recharge.

How much should I pay?

A corded electric lawn mower typically costs between $150-$300 US dollars, depending on what size yard you have, if there are hills or inclines, how often do you need to cut your grass…etc. Cordless electric lawnmowers cost around $400+ and up depending on the features and brand name.

What sizes do they come in?

Most electric lawn mowers are around 21-23″ wide and weigh between 50-70 pounds. Lighter weight models are less powerful because they typically don’t have large batteries to power the mechanism that spins the blades at high speeds.

What differentiates them?

Corded electric lawnmowers can do about 1 acre of grass on a single charge, cordless ones are battery powered instead of plugged in so you can take them wherever you want without being restricted by extension cords but they cost more to run overall, larger ones with higher price tags for heavy duty jobs like cutting through thick grass at very fast speeds often times come with mulching or bagging capabilities for convenience…etc.

What features should I look out for?

Personal comfort is an important factor in choosing the best electric lawn mower for your needs. Make sure the handle is ergonomically comfortable for you to hold, the height can be adjusted according to your preference, and it has safety features like non-removable blades so you don’t have to worry about injuring yourself or anyone else. You also need to consider how long it takes to recharge if battery operated since that will impact your use of it—and whether or not additional accessories are available for purchase separately.

Are they environmentally friendly?

Yes, because they’re electric powered instead of gas-powered they are considered more environmentally friendly than their counterpart. Electric models also tend to require less maintenance overall so there’s less of a chance that something could go wrong with them over time which would increase disposal and other environmental concerns along those lines.

What should I avoid?

Gas-powered models or cordless electric lawn mowers that don’t have as much power as the plug-in models. If you need a lot of power and/or you’re taller than average, then be sure to look for those features specifically when choosing the best electric lawn mower for your needs.

How do I maintain and clean them?

Most electrical appliances like these come with an owner’s manual so read through it to find out how often you should change or clean the blades, oil…etc to keep it running well over time—and what kinds of problems could occur if you don’t take care of it properly. This is especially important if your yard has hills or inclines because the motor could easily overheat which would damage it if you don’t give it breaks to cool down.

How long will they last?

A good electric lawn mower should last anywhere from 5-15 years, depending on how often you use it, if you take good care of it…etc. If something stops working with the corded models after a year or two then that’s what usually happens with cheaper quality products like these so be sure to check consumer reviews before finalizing your purchase for peace of mind and see if there are any complaints about certain parts that tend to not work as well as they should for this information could affect your decision making process.

What kind of warranty do they come with?

Electric lawnmowers usually come with a 1-2 year warranty on the blade and motor. If you keep up on oiling it or properly cutting your grass according to its guidelines, then the blades should last longer than this.

What else do I need to consider?

Electric lawn mowers are more expensive for cordless models; they’re also not as powerful as gas powered ones if that’s what you prefer since some of them can’t even cut through thick, tall grass at speeds like those can which is also why they tend to be much lighter weight overall. It all depends on whether or not you need strong power and how often you plan on using it (if your yard isn’t big enough for something like this then it won’t get much use in the first place).


Electric lawn mowers are perfect for someone who has a small yard or doesn’t like gas-powered engines because they are environmentally friendly, come at various price ranges depending on the brand and model…etc. Make sure to read reviews by past customers so you know what kind of problems might occur if it malfunctions within the warranty period—and how often it needs maintenance if cordless. All in all, these are great investments for your home since they can last up to 15 years with proper care.

Who would this article be most useful to? Homeowners with small yards that want something quiet and easy to use without having to maintain an engine or mix oil/gas before each use. This is also beneficial for people with hills and inclines in their yard.


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