Best Ceiling Fan 2023 – How to Choose a Good One

Ceiling fans come in all price ranges, styles, colors and designs so it’s important to think about what you want before rush shopping to buy one since they can be expensive especially if you want a high end model that will really lower your power. What is the best ceiling fan in 2023? – Think about what you want now before you start shopping.

Top Picks

The 10 Best Ceiling Fans in 2023 Reviews

1. Hunter Crestfield Indoor Low Profile Ceiling Fan

The Hunter Ceiling Fan Noble Bronze is a best seller on Amazon, I have chosen it as the number one ceiling fan 2023 due to its many features. The Hunter has been considered by many to be the leader in ceiling fans since 1886. This model comes in four colors: Venetian bronze, dark walnut, matte black or oil-rubbed bronze. It can be used indoors only but it’s perfect for any room including bathrooms and laundry rooms!

Hunter uses a patented reversible motor so no matter which way your blades are facing the breeze will always go down. The Hunter is Energy Star qualified so you can feel good about saving money on your electric bill since its Energy Star certified. Both the light and pull chain feature an LED bulb so you will never have to worry about changing a smelly old regular bulb ever again!

2. Honeywell Ceiling Fan, 52

Honeywell is a brand you can trust because they make appliances and other products for home use, this makes them experts in what they do. If you are looking to spend under $200 on your ceiling fan 2023 then the Honeywell Ceiling Fan is the one for you!

The Honeywell was made with an oiled walnut/brushed nickel finish so it will look great in any room of your house. The fan comes with three 40 watt frosted bulbs so if the light is too dim just replace them with bright LED lights that last longer than regular light bulbs, saving you money! This fan has an average rating of 4,6 stars on Amazon which means there are not many complaints with it.

3. Honeywell Ceiling Fans 30”

The Honeywell Ceiling Fan is a medium priced fan that costs just under $100 and will look great in your living room. This fan comes with an oak/satin finish blades that is sure to blend well with any color scheme you have going on. The light is energy saving and has a frosted glass so if the brightness of 40 watt and can be adjusted using the pull chain.

Each blade is reversible as well as the motor housing, further enabling it to not only cool during the summer but help warm up during the winter.

4. Hunter Dempsey Ceiling Fan 42″

The Hunter Dempsey Indoor Low Profile Ceiling Fan is a great fan for those who’d like to pay a little extra but still get a great end product. This model comes in three colors: white, oil-rubbed bronze or dark walnut. The remote control makes this ceiling fan 2023 very unique as it has three independent light settings so you can have your lights dimmed at one speed and your fan another!

It also has an LED light that never needs replaced as well as a reversible motor so no matter what position the blades are in it will always cool you down. The Hunter was made with the highest quality materials making it longer by preventing corrosion from mold, rust and moisture. Hunter backs up all their products with a five year warranty just in case something goes wrong with it!

5. Honeywell 48-Inch Ceiling Fan

The Honeywell Ceiling Fan with Integrated Light Kit and Remote Control, Five Reversible Cimarron/Ironwood Blades, Bronze Finish is a fan made to give you the maximum amount of comfort. The blades are reversible so no matter what direction they are put in it will always cool you down!

If that isn’t enough this fan has a remote control for convenience and three separate speeds controlled by a pull chain. It also comes standard with an LED light kit! The low price tag on this model means there aren’t many complaints about it, people love how powerful it is even if it is small!

6. Harbor Breeze Mazon 44-in Ceiling Fan

The Harbor Breeze Mazon Ceiling Fan is a fan that has all the modern amenities and will cost you around $200. It comes standard with a remote control and is made with three blades meaning more wind!

It also has a safety feature of an anti-pinch magnetic canopy which keeps your children from putting their fingers in there, keeping them safe! This fan also comes complete with a LED light kit! There have been no major complaints about this model besides some people not liking the color.

7. Hunter Ceiling Fan

The Hunter Ceiling Fan is a fan from Hunter’s 2023 collection that has been made for outdoors! This model comes in an oil rubbed bronze or matte black finish and has three blades making it slightly more powerful.

It also has a pull chain control for convenience or a remote control to do the work form a distance. It can be flush mounted but you have to purchase separately. There have been no major complaints about this product other than not being able to install it yourself without help.

8. Prominence Home Ceiling Fan, 52

The Prominence Home Ceiling Fan is a beautiful ceiling fan that comes with three blades meaning more wind! It has an oil rubbed bronze finish that goes well with any decor.

It also has three separate speeds controlled by pull chains and uses sixty watts of power to run the motor and seven watts for the lights. The down side to this fan would be you can’t use regular light bulbs so LED light strips are required to keep it energy efficient. There have been no major complaints about this model other than the instructions not being clear but people love how much air it pushes!

9. Honeywell Ceiling Fan, 62

The Honeywell Ceiling Fans is a fan that has been made with an oil rubbed bronze or matte black finish. It comes complete with 8 separate blades making it more powerful than most other fans.

It also has three separate speeds controlled by pull chains. The down side to this fan would be you can’t use regular light bulbs so LED light strips are required to keep it energy efficient. There have been no major complaints about this model other than some people not like its appearance but overall people love how much air it pushes!

10. reiga 52-in Bright White Ceiling Fan

The reiga Ceiling Fan is a fan that has been made for modern purposes. It comes complete with three modern aluminum blades making it the most powerful fan on this list meaning more air! It also has three separate speeds. The down side to this fan would be you can’t use regular light bulbs so LED light strips are required to keep it energy efficient. There have been no major complaints about this model other than some people not like its color or appearance but overall people love how much air it pushes!

These are the 10 best ceiling fans in 2023 as chosen by consumers who have had some level of personal experience with these particular models. They will provide quality and durability for those who decide to purchase them, satisfying their owners’ expectations about ceiling fans.

Benefits Of The Ceiling Fans

Room Circulation And Airflow

The main purpose of a ceiling fan is to circulate air, taking cool air from the lower part of the room and pushing it out towards the hotter top portion of an environment. This circulating function can also draw up air that’s contaminated near floor level and remove with it through the washable air filter inside your fan housing which is one reason they are so easy to keep clean. Ceiling fans are especially useful in kitchens where there are often greasy fumes above cooking areas but also useful in bathrooms for drying hair as well as removing after showers or baths by creating air flow around the room.

Quieter Than Expected Air Movement

One of the most common misconceptions amongst first time buyers is that ceiling fans will make a racket since there are blades involved but it’s actually not true, especially if you have chosen one with noise reduction technology or slow speed control which allows for slower speeds that won’t sound like being in front of a propeller when they’re on high. High speed settings are recommended for faster airflow and faster drying times whereas low speed settings are perfect for everyday living where light cooling is needed.

Easy To Keep Clean

Ceiling fan blades are usually made from durable plastic or wood so they don’t accumulate mold nor do they collect dead skin cells like carpets and rugs do so there isn’t much work involved in keeping them clean. However, if you do choose to use your fan as a home décor piece then you should be aware that dust and dirt can accumulate on the blades and since they’re not always see through like window blinds, it might require you to use a soft cloth to wipe them down occasionally or at least open up the cover of your fan housing to wash away any buildups.

Buying Guide – What To Look Out For When Buying A Ceiling Fan


Most ceiling fans come with installation instructions but anyone who has bought one for their home will tell you that it’s actually very easy to install yourself by following the simple instructions from the manual. However, if you do feel a bit unsure you should always get professional help from a qualified electrician to avoid accidents that may cause injury or damage to your fan and/or your home.

Considerations Of Space Filled By Your Fan Blades

Ceramic blade fans usually have a bigger footprint than standard plastic blades due to their increased size but also because of their weight which can sometimes be very heavy so if you want one with ceramic blades then make sure you consider where it will go in relation to the ceiling for ideal balance between aesthetics and functionality.

To minimize vibration on wider spinning fans, check out models with rubberized pads attached underneath the frame at every junction where metal meets the frame. This will help absorb vibration that may cause noise at higher speeds while also protecting your household items from scratches caused by the fan’s metal moving parts.

Power Consumption And Wattage

When you buy a ceiling fan it will be listed with one or more power ratings, typically in watts which is how much energy they use when on high speed so if you have an older home with lower wattage output then buying a new standard sized fan can affect the overall performance of your electrical system which is why you might want to consider opting for a DC motor model that runs on low wattage but high efficiency – especially if you already have enough fans in your house or are planning on installing multiple ceiling fans throughout the same household using an electrical box with more than the recommended number of fans or lights installed.

High velocity motors are built to be energy efficient but they do require higher wattage, usually around 45 watts per hour which is equivalent to a 150 watt standard lightbulb. Low end models are known for using less power but remember that you get what you pay for so don’t expect your low end fan to run as smoothly as its high end counterparts even if it does cost less money.

Energy Saving Features

When shopping for a new ceiling fan you’ll have several options available along with different features so here’s a quick rundown on what some common features can do to help reduce your overall energy costs.

This allows you to reverse the direction your fan spins so it can pull up or pull down more efficiently depending on the season.

Blade Span And Shank Size

This is one of the most common questions asked by new ceiling fan users and while you don’t really need to know what blade span means other than its length, knowing about shank size comes in handy when shopping for replacement blades or fitting an old model with newer blades that were made recently which may have different measurements due to revisions in design over time.

One thing’s for sure though, if you’re replacing an older style blade guard with a smaller one then make sure you get the same type because thicker guards cannot fit through smaller holes made for thinner models otherwise they’ll jam and cause damage to the fan or yourself if you try using enough force.

Blade Material                            

The material used for your blades will make a big difference in performance and lifespan so look for models with either high grade plastic, high impact ABS plastic or metal that has been treated to prevent corrosion which may get into the air over time and cause harm to you or anyone else who breathes it in while also allowing moisture from showers and baths to escape from the surface of the blade more effectively which makes them easier to clean without damage from corroding metal edges.

Aesthetically, ceiling fans with plastic blades look good but they don’t stand up well against sunlight so they’ll fade more quickly than fans with metal blades.

Blade Pitch And Degree

To get the most out of your ceiling fan and achieve maximum cooling performance then you’ll want to look for models that allow you to adjust the blade angle so they can spin at different degrees depending on how high or low you’ve installed them. They won’t work as well if they only spin at a single angle which is why adjustable blades are standard features in today’s best ceiling fans .

Size Specifications            

Your bedroom might be small enough for a 32 inch fan while your living room could benefit from a larger 48 or even 52 inch model – heights depend on how tall your ceilings are, we’re talking about diameter here which by default will usually be measured in inches but some manufacturers also provide feet measurements as well which won’t be obvious when shopping for fans online.

Ceiling Height    

At this point you should know the height of your ceiling and if it’s tall enough to accommodate a fan that’s at least 7 feet from the floor to blade tip with no problems but also consider whether your location will allow you to install a drop rod which would make installation easier and is usually included in box when you buy a ceiling fan . If not, look for models with an easily accessible downrod extension system so it can adjust up or down by several inches depending on how close to the ground your joists are located especially if they’re installed low under carpeting where screws can’t be driven through solid wood otherwise they’ll cause damage over time.


You can never have too much lighting around the home and if you don’t already have a good table, floor or ceiling lamp then adding one to your space may help reduce electricity costs during the day without interfering with your sleep cycle at night when your fan is running on high speed mode to keep you cool. Ceiling fans aren’t light fixtures but they do generate enough breeze to make lamps with bare incandescent bulbs work even better than before so look for models that provide several places where you can attach them including the blade arms of course which can also function as downrod anchors for larger fan sizes up to 52 inches in diameter with multiple lights attached .

Remote Controls                

A lot of ceiling fans today include remote controls for convenience and simplicity during times when you can’t turn the fan on with a basic wall switch like when you’re in bed or off doing something else around the house where you’ll need to use your smartphone, tablet or desktop PC to raise and lower speeds by pausing them on high speed mode using timed settings instead. Most models today come complete with hardware for installation but some require an extra purchase or two so read descriptions carefully before checking out so it doesn’t create extra work for yourself later on .

Attractive Designs      

Since most people prefer beauty over function especially if they have to choose between one or the other look for models that provide multiple color choices so you can match them with other décor accessories even if it’s only a different shade of brown or black instead of white. The last thing you want to do is make your house look like an office building by installing ugly ceiling fans that take up all the space in one room but thankfully many manufacturers go out of their way to provide stylish alternatives for homeowners who care about this sort of thing .

Durable Materials               

Plastic blades are great for keeping prices down which will be important when buying several cheaper fans for your home but they aren’t as durable as metal blades especially when exposed to hot sunlight over time thanks to UV rays which will cause them to fade faster than usual especially if they’re installed where direct sunlight can hit them .

Energy Star Certified               

Energy efficient ceiling fans should be mandatory in every home for both safety and convenience but unfortunately many homeowners still don’t know what this certification means even though it’s designed to reduce energy use as much as possible without sacrificing performance by using the latest technologies such as DC motors that deliver more power with less electricity or UL wet rated blades which are protected from rain and other liquids that can cause short circuits if they touch electrical components around your house.

Blade Span                

The higher the blade span measurement, the bigger your fan will appear no matter where you install it so keep this in mind when looking at models online because some of may look too small for a larger room where you need to install a 52 inch fan or larger. If you don’t mind little details like this then feel free to ignore it but if you want the biggest fan possible for your home’s unique layout then make sure your ceiling can handle something that big before making a purchase .

UL Rated Motors               

Ceiling fans are meant for indoor use only due to safety concerns with electrical components around the house so look for models that come complete with UL wet rated motors designed specifically for outdoor use because they’re fully protected against rain, snow and other liquids along with internal debris which may disrupt their operation over time without proper protection .


Finding the best ceiling fan for your house isn’t as difficult as most people think but it does require some research with prices cutting into your shopping budget especially with bigger designs that cost more than the average fan. However, it’s important to realize that your budget isn’t the only thing that matters because nothing will be perfect no matter what you spend on a new fan so try to balance cost with features for a model that makes sense instead of going over the top and wasting money for features you won’t use anyway .

FAQs & Guide to Buying Ceiling Fans

How does a ceiling fan work?

A fan that you attach to your ceiling is also known as an electric powered propeller. A large motor inside of it is usually connected directly onto the blades of the fan using some sort of connectors which will prevent debris from entering the inner workings. The electricity powers this motor and causes it to operate much like a regular electric motor by moving electrical charges around in a magnetic field. This will cause the propeller to spin much like a normal airplane wing or helicopter blade would which generates air pressure that pushes air downwards towards your floor where its picked up and circulated throughout your house . This circulating movement can reduce humidity, cool off hot rooms and displace odors from the air.

How much should I pay?

If you shop around then you can find ceiling fans for cheap but the cheapest ones are mostly low-quality units designed to look nice without giving proper performance so try not to buy these because it’s better ot spend a little more money on something decent that actually works . The general rule of thumb is that cheaper fans will be smaller in size or have fewer features while more expensive models are bigger, include memory settings and perform better when used over an extended period of time .

Where can I buy?

Ceiling fans are sold at stores everywhere from home improvement centers to grocery stores so you have many options when it comes to places to shop for one. Hardware stores tend to have the cheapest ones while larger department stores usually offer more choices and better prices . Just make sure you get a good deal before making a purchase because sometimes buying online is cheaper than going out so compare everything before making a final decision.

How much should I pay?

The price of ceiling fans varies depending on size, installation type and features but they’re normally in the $50-$200 range which is reasonable if you’re willing to put in some work yourself rather than hiring someone else . With that said, try not to spend more than you have to unless there is a specific design that you want because even overpriced models will be of decent quality compared to the cheapest options available on the market .

All in all, finding the best ceiling fan for your home is usually pretty easy if you know what to look for and do some research during your search. Ceiling fans can actually make a big difference when it comes to how comfortable a room feels in terms of temperature and humidity but they’re also trendy items that can add class or bring up bad associations depending on which ones you buy.

For example, low-quality designs might fall apart after a few years while more expensive units may get dusty faster so compare prices with feature sets if you want something long-lasting without spending too much money for it. Generally speaking, the most popular ceiling fans tend to be those that offer a nice blend of features and performance for an affordable price that makes them worth buying even if there may be something better out there .

Is it hard to keep clean?

Most modern units are very easy to keep clean and will only need a quick once-over with a vacuum cleaner every now and then or wipe down with a cloth after you use them so you shouldn’t have any problems as long as you do this regularly . Make sure to unplug the fan before cleaning it because certain types of dirt can short circuit wires inside which could lead to fires so don’t take any chances when trying to prevent such accidents.

Can they cause injuries?

The biggest concern when it comes to ceiling fans is that people can get caught up in the propeller blades and hurt themselves but this only happens very infrequently most of the time because there are safety devices built-in to stop them from going too fast . In addition, you should always leave a good amount of space between yourself and a ceiling fan when it’s on which will give you more than enough time to back away if something bad were to happen.

Is there anything else I need?

In general, ceiling fans require little maintenance aside from being cleaned once in a while so they’re pretty low-maintenance units overall . However, some models have light kits that add extra functionality by adding more lighting or changing colors with remote controls so you should consider this if a room feels too dark or doesn’t have enough lighting . The inclusion of remote controls usually makes things easier because it gives you the chance to change speeds and turn off/on lights without having to get off the couch but keep in mind that most light kits don’t come cheap so they’re not always worth buying unless there’s a specific feature that is important to you.


As far as furniture goes, ceiling fans are some of the best household items to buy if you want something stylish and functional for your home . They can help you save money on energy bills by regulating temperature throughout an area but they also look great in any room so be sure to put one up if you want something nice looking while saving money at the same time.

There are plenty of designs to choose from that should work well for most people but you might need to try out a few before finding one that fits your needs best . After all, you don’t want something cheap that breaks down after a few years because this will end up costing more in the long run so do your research and make sure you properly compare prices with features to find something durable without spending too much money on it.

With that said, ceiling fans are usually very easy to maintain because they only need to be cleaned once in a while unless there’s a light kit attached which means they are worth buying if you’re interested in saving energy, looking classy or just getting something unique your home.


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