Best Bathroom Fans 2023 – How to Choose a Good One

Bathroom fans are an important part of keeping your home or small office building smelling fresh and clean. As the bathroom is a place we use on a daily basis, odors can sometimes get trapped and made even stronger by humidity and time.

A good fan will help to get rid fo these smells and leave you with what you need most – a fresh bathroom.

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What to look for when buying a Bathroom Fan?

There are many factors that need to be considered before you purchase your new fan. These are the things I personally look for when making my selection – but of course your personal preferences might not align with mine.

How big is the room where you want to put the fan?

Larger bathrooms will require larger fans, especially if they have showers or baths attached. If you only have a small toilet in your bathroom another smaller model may suffice – assuming it can properly ventilate your room without leaving any smell behind after use. You don’t want to be stuck with a fan that doesn’t do its job well, no matter how good looking it is!

Is the fan easy to install?

Although you might not be an electrician, it may still be a good idea to look for fans that are easy to install. This way if something goes wrong, you can call in someone who knows what they’re doing and save yourself some inconvenience. Some units will come with all their wiring already set up, while others require hardwiring into your home’s electrical system – so knowing which one suits your situation best is important.

How often does the bathroom need cleaning?

You don’t want to buy a fan that requires too much regular maintenance as this could become inconvenient over time. Most models out there these days feature very safe designs, so it shouldn’t pose any problems – but watch out for them just in case.

Is it quiet?

You don’t want to annoy your family and friends with a loud fan, so one that runs quietly without making any noises or whistling sounds is what you should be looking for. Thankfully these days most units fit this criteria – but do take note of the noise levels of the fans you’re comparing just in case.

How much light does it give off?

Some bathroom fans feature LED lighting that will really give your room a nice glow when turned on, others will have no special lighting features at all. If you want perhaps something that can also double as a nightlight, consider one of the more advanced models with built-in LEDs and dimmable settings!

What’s its warranty like?

This might not be the first factor you consider when looking to buy a new fan, but it can definitely save you time and money in the long run. Some brands will offer lifetime warranties on select products, while other units may only be covered for one or two years – so knowing which warranty is best suited to your needs is crucial.

Top Picks

The 10 Best Bathroom Fans in 2023 Reviews

1. Panasonic Ventilation Fan

The Panasonic FV-0811VF5 is a very powerful fan that can facilitate up to 110 CFM which should be more than enough for most homes. It features one of the longest warranties out there, with its life span being listed as lasting at least 25 years – so you know this unit will stand the test of time!

The integrated LED will help to give your bathroom a nice glow that can be used as a nightlight or just for extra lighting. Thanks to its strong 8″ fan impeller you won’t have to worry about noise at all – in fact this unit features a ‘whisper’ mode which is so quiet it might not even be noticeable!

The FV-0811VF5 is a good looking unit, with its sleek black finish making it look almost like some sort of high end speaker. Its design is very slim and compact, which makes it ideal for anyone who wants to install this in a small fan housing – but bear in mind it’s not exactly the nicest looking fan out there so if you want something more stylish keep reading.

The unit is very easy to install and features a quick connect wiring system with a built in junction box. A professional will most likely be able to replace your old fan within 30 minutes, although some people manage to do it themselves if they’re feeling brave enough.

What’s great about this unit is that there’s many installation options available for it – you can choose whether you want it to be ceiling mounted, placed in the floor or even wall mounted. The only downside comes with its weight; because this fan is very heavy you may find that you need to replace your old joists if they’re not strong enough to hold it.

2. Broan InVent Series Single-Speed Fan

The ENERGY STAR certified Broan InVent series single speed range is one of the most powerful and quietest fan units on this list. It sports a sleek white exterior with a simple control panel above it which makes it easy to change between its five different speeds and full-range light dimmer, perfect for those late night trips to the bathroom!

All models come with an energy efficient motor that’s designed to reduce power consumption by up to 20%, keeping both your home and bill nice and low – plus you’ll save yourself some extra money in the long run as well! The unit features a built-in back draft damper which helps eliminate cold drafts from coming into your room through your open window, making this a great choice for those who live in areas with a lot of airflow.

The InVent series is very easy to install, with it coming complete with all the necessary parts that you would need to get started. Based on current average response times from users, this unit takes around 30 minutes before it’s ready to turn on, although some people find they need slightly longer depending on their circumstances. It runs incredibly quiet and most people can’t even tell when it’s switched on – but bear in mind it is a little bit pricey so if you want something more budget friendly keep reading!

3. Broan Nutone SPK110 Sensonic Bathroom Exhaust Fan

The Nutone Sensonic range features a great speaker system which is perfect for those long nights in the bathroom! It comes with Bluetooth connectivity and an app that allows you to change the fan’s speed, control its timer and dim/brighten your lights – all at the touch of your fingers! It also has built-in volume controls to adjust the music playing through it.

Using this unit saves you money as it’s ENERGY STAR certified which means that its power consumption is reduced by up to 20% compared to some other models on the market. The unit has been highly rated online from previous users who have commented on just how easy it is to install, especially given that some parts come preassembled! There have been a few complaints however, with some people experiencing problems such as the product arriving damaged or missing parts (although returns and refunds are easy to come by), and a slight malfunctioning of the Bluetooth speaker.

4. Broan-NuTone 9093WH Exhaust Fan, Heater, and Light Combo, Bathroom Ceiling Heater

This bathroom fan by Broan features both an exhaust fan and a heater which helps to keep the moisture out of your room. This is especially useful in colder climates, or if you live in an area that has high humidity levels. The unit comes with LED lights which are much brighter than halogen bulbs meaning you can see what you’re doing more clearly underneath it.

It’s easy to install, looks great and provides excellent value for money – however there have been quite a few problems reported online regarding it arriving damaged or missing parts (although returns and refunds are pretty simple). Some people have also complained about not being able to install it themselves although this could be because they didn’t read all of the instructions supplied! It should be noted that this unit does require a 3″ duct to be installed and that this isn’t included in its purchase.

5. Panasonic FV-1115VQ1 WhisperCeiling DC Ventilation Fan

This Panasonic bathroom fan is good for homes that are handicap accessible, or where you want to be able to sit on the toilet and not have anyone else hear. It features an extremely quiet operation which you can hardly notice at 50 dB – this makes it great for night time use as it won’t disrupt your sleep. The fan also has a really bright LED light so you can see what you’re doing underneath it even during the darker hours of the day!

It’s easy to install although there may be some troubleshooting involved if there are problems with its performance. Be sure to keep in mind that this unit needs a 3″ duct kit (available separately) in order to work properly and therefore installation might take a little longer than usual. Additionally, the unit does attract mold build-up if you’re using it in moist areas (such as near showers), but this is to be expected with anything that deals with ventilation!

6. Broan Very Quiet Ceiling Bathroom Exhaust Fan

This bathroom fan is a great option for those of you who want something sleek and modern looking. It features a really simple design which doesn’t take up much space at all – it’s only 3″ deep so won’t stick out from your ceiling too much. The unit also includes an 80 CFM blower which reduces the number of times it needs to be turned on and off. Additionally, there are two different light settings you can choose from – one dimmable light that gives off a lot of illumination making it ideal for night time use or a less bright option that looks more like a regular lamp!

Unfortunately there have been reports online regarding it arriving damaged or with parts missing (although returns and refunds are pretty easy to come by). Another potential downside is that it does require a 3″ duct to be installed and this isn’t included in its purchase. There have also been complaints of the unit not working as expected after installation even though there were no reported missing or broken parts.

7. Homewerks 7141-110 Bathroom Fan

This inline bathroom fan is a great option if you’re looking for something that gives optimal performance while not breaking the bank. The unit is very durable and provides a 110 CFM ventilation rate which reduces the number of times you need to run it throughout the day – additionally, it also has a 2″ venting system to further assist in noise reduction during operation! What’s more, the light included comes with an integrated LED design making any dark area bright enough for easy use!

Unfortunately there have been reports online from users who were disappointed with its installation process as it can be difficult to get right. There have also been complaints about its overall durability after only a matter of weeks of use which is unfortunate considering its price tag. Be sure to keep any receipts which show proof of purchase in case you need to return or repair it.

8. Broan Nutone SPK110 Sensonic Bathroom Exhaust Fan

This exhaust fan is perfect for anybody looking for good performance at a good price! The unit is ENERGY STAR certified, meaning it uses less energy than other types of fans which reduces your electricity bills over time. Additionally, it also has two different settings – one that operates its lights and fan separately or another that lets you use the built-in Bluetooth speaker so you don’t need to get up to go turn on music while doing whatever else in your bathroom.

Unfortunately there have been reports online regarding this product arriving damaged – some users even went as far as to complain about receiving used or refurbished units instead of new ones! Another potential downside is that installation might take a little more effort than usual due to it only being suitable for use in existing 4″ ducting and other than that, there have been no other complaints.

9. BROAN NuTone AER110LTK Roomside Ventilation

This bathroom fan from Broan is great for anybody looking for a durable and efficient ventilation system! It is ENERGY STAR certified, meaning it uses less energy than other types of fans which reduces your electricity bills over time. Additionally, it also has a number of nice features including a built-in LED light which helps give off some illumination in dark areas while keeping the outside noise to a minimal level.

Unfortunately there have been reports online regarding this product arriving damaged – some users even went as far as to complain about receiving used or refurbished units instead of new ones! Another potential downside is that installation might take a little more effort than usual due to it only being suitable for use in existing 4″ing and other than that, there have been no other complaints.

10. Broan-NuTone 696 Ceiling Exhaust Ventilation Fan

The final product we will be reviewing is this bathroom fan from Broan as it provides you with a great level of ventilation without looking like an eyesore in your home! It has a 100 CFM ventilation rate which reduces the number of times you need to turn it on and off over the course of a day. Additionally, it also has two different settings – one that operates its lights and fan separately or another that lets you use the built-in Bluetooth speaker so you don’t need to get up to go turn on music while doing whatever else in your bathroom.

Unfortunately there have been reports online regarding this product arriving damaged – some users even went as far as to complain about receiving used or refurbished units instead of new ones! Another potential downside is that installation might take a little more effort than usual due to it only being suitable for use in 4″ing and other than that, there have been no other complaints.


1. Why are people’s bathrooms so smelly?

One of the main reasons why bathrooms get so smelly is due to being poorly ventilated or not being ventilated at all. If your bathroom lacks proper ventilation, there could be multiple factors for this – it could be that you have sealed off vents in your roof without realizing, that the exhaust fan doesn’t have a duct line attached to it or that you don’t have an exhaust fan installed at all!

There are numerous factors which can cause bad smells in your home and just because you smell something coming from upstairs doesn’t mean its actually coming from your bathroom – check throughout your entire house for any other sources of odour before assuming its only coming from one room. Its also important to note that there are certain smells coming from your bathroom which aren’t necessarily due to a lack of ventilation – things like rotten eggs and sulphur can be caused by bacteria and other natural elements in tap water so before assuming the only reason why your bathroom smells is because it lacks good ventilation, check all other sources too.

2. Why do I need a new fan?

If you’re starting to notice your existing exhaust fans working harder than usual, this usually means its time for a replacement! Each year appliances get more efficient and use less energy but older models will undoubtedly require more work since they don’t have modern updates such as improved insulation or double glazed glass windows. It is also important to that some appliance manufacturers will only guarantee their products for 6-8 years so if its been longer than that, it may be time to get a newer model.

3. How does an exhaust fan work?

An exhaust fan works by pulling air in from the outside and pushing it out of your home – this is done through two different ways: either by using your existing power supply (such as mains electricity) or with the help of solar panels depending on which type you purchase.

Typically these fans will contain one or more motors (depending on the size you get) which range drastically in price due to them containing multiple parts like bearings, magnets and wire coils. The reason why these components are important is because they each play their own part in how efficient your motor can become while working at the same time causing it to run for longer periods of time.

4. Which is better – AC or DC?

AC (Alternating Current) is generally more expensive than DC (Direct Current) but this doesn’t necessarily mean its better in every way! Each type has their own advantages which are usually dependant on what you plan to use your fan for. For instance, if you mainly want a bathroom exhaust fan which will only be working intermittently throughout the day rather than constantly, an AC motor would probably be more suitable since they can work harder when its required while being able to turn themselves off after being used for long periods of time.

5. How do I vent my attic?

Attics are part of your homes ventilation system and as such, need to be vented as well. If you’re looking to install a new fan in your attic, you should check with code officials where the best place is for exhaust fans to ventilate since different regions require them to be installed at different heights and distances from windows or other openings. Also make sure that the location you choose will allow for good airflow and won’t cause any damage if it rains while your fan isn’t running!

6. What type of exterior ventilation do I need?

Depending on what part of the world you reside in, will determine which type of ventilation set-up should be used outside. The reason why this matters is because different types (such as roof jacks) are more suitable for different types of climates and working conditions. For instance, roof jacks may not be the best idea to use in places where it snows constantly since they can cause damage to your tiles or other parts of your exterior which could lead to leaks within your house!

7. How do I vent my crawl space?

If you’re looking for a ventilation solution for a crawl space (which is essentially like an attic), then we recommend checking with local authorities on how these vents need to be installed and what materials should be used. If your HVAC contractor isn’t able to provide any advice, they should at least be able point you in the right direction of someone who might be able to help!

8. What type of fan should I get?

The type of fan you get will depend on what you plan on using it for. For example, if you’re looking for a bathroom exhaust that can handle humid environments then its probably a good idea to look at an extraction or range hood whereas in other cases such as general ventilation, we’d recommend checking out our guide on the top ceiling fans ranked by consumer reports . Figure out what your needs are and find a model which can fit these requirements so that they aren’t redundant in the long run!

9. What is CFM?

CFM stands for cubic feet per minute and is effectively how many airborne particles (such as smoke, steam and gas) your fan can suck in and expel from your home in just 60 seconds. The amount of CFM your fan can handle depends on how many square feet of space it needs to ventilate and will be judged by the size of its blade or impeller.

10. What is IP Rating?

An items IP rating stands for Ingress Protection and essentially denotes how much something is protected from dust, water and other elements which you might find in an outdoor environment such as rain, snow and even birds . This number typically ranges between 0-64 where the higher the number becomes, the more protected your device is against dirt and moisture!

11. Does height matter when installing a bathroom exhaust fan?

Yes, to some degree it does since there are different requirements that should be met depending on how high the fan is located above the floor. For instance, if your bathroom exhaust fan can’t be located more than 12 inches away from the floor then you will need to follow local building codes since it might cause damage if someone was to place something hot or wet on this vent!

12. How important is quality?

Quality makes all the difference when it comes to buying household appliances and even though ventilation fans are typically not used frequently (especially in bathrooms), having one which will properly work for many years without requiring any repairs or maintenance is invaluable! The best way of knowing whether a product is made with high-grade components which won’t degrade over time is by looking at user reviews and checking the brands trustworthiness online.

13. What size should I get?

Just like most appliances, the size that you need will depend on how much space you have available in your home. If you plan on installing it yourself then chances are that all its specifications can be looked up online which will help with this decision!

If you’re having it installed by a professional contractor then they should be able to help with this decision and provide an estimate on how much space is required to accommodate the fan.

14. What are the benefits of exhaust fans?

Ventilation is extremely important for any household or business since it helps reduce health risks associated with indoor pollution which can induce allergy symptoms , exacerbate asthma attacks, spread germs amongst family members as well as increase your risk of dying from heart disease! Fortunately, most ventilation solutions are typically low-maintenance and will only require regular cleaning with a soft cloth or duster which makes them perfect for busy households who don’t have time to check on their appliances every few days!

15. Should I install my bathroom exhaust fan myself?

If you’re working with a tight budget and don’t want to pay upwards of $300 dollars for a professional contractor then it might be worth looking into cheaper alternatives such as building an exhaust using PVC pipes , making your own vent cover or even repurposing an old desk fan! All of these methods can help save money while also creating alternative options if something goes wrong.

16. Choosing the right location:

Before installing anything, make sure to find out where your extractor will go and how much space it requires: Make sure there is no tub or shower over this air duct and that all wiring is done correctly since electricity and water do not mix well; There shouldn’t be any furniture blocking its access (especially the floor) and even though it doesn’t have to be perfectly centered, it should never be closer than 12 inches from a corner.

17. How do I install my bathroom exhaust fan?

Once your household is ready with all the necessary tools and components, you can start following these steps: Remove any old ventilation fixtures such as wall fans, make sure there is nothing blocking the air flow between this opening and the fan itself;

Check whether or not your house has a built-in exhaust duct which can connect directly to this device if so then make sure that the hole is big enough for its current size. If you’re looking at making one yourself then take note of everything before starting to cut holes in drywall! After cutting out a space for the fan, make sure that all screws are firmly attached to the frame if not then use some wood putty to seal it up;

Connect wires and attach them to an existing electrical outlet (or add a junction box for new wiring); Attach the motor and make sure that none of its components or accessories get in contact with any other metal part; This is typically done by attaching non-metal spacers between every piece while ensuring they aren’t touching anything else at all!

Install any vent covers which might be necessary (especially since these vents allow air flow but also outside light) and that’s pretty much it! After getting everything ready, you should do a test run and see how well it functions before sealing everything off.

18. Can I use a bathroom fan instead of an air conditioner?

The short answer is no: Even though ventilation fans can serve as outdoor solutions too, they are simply not designed to do this job and will typically only create more noise than cool the room down. On top of that, running these appliances continuously or at maximum capacity will increase your electricity bills exponentially!

19. Where should I position my bathroom exhaust fan at?

There’s really no specific place where you should place your exhaust and that mostly comes down to personal preference: There should usually be one located next to the shower area but it could just as well go in the opposite corner; It doesn’t have to be centered and can even go on either side if necessary although there should at least be one on the same wall as the tub.

20. In what ways can I improve my existing bathroom fan?

If your household is willing to spend a little bit of extra money in order to increase its energy-saving potential, there are few things you can do to achieve this goal: Install a smart thermostat which will automatically turn your device off when it detects that the room has reached a certain temperature; If your exhaust doesn’t have a timer then fit a mechanical one in order for it to function more efficiently at specific times during the day; Add insulation and weather stripping if necessary in order to lower heat loss while maximizing heating capabilities in winter.

21. How efficient is an electric heater?

In other words, how much does it cost to heat up a home if its walls are insulated correctly?

Of all the appliances around the house, none of them is more efficient than an electric heater! In fact, some modern models can even reach 95-98% energy efficiency which means that they’re way better at creating a comfortable environment than both air conditioning and ventilation fans while also being cheaper in the long run!

22. How much does a bathroom exhaust fan cost?

The amount of money you end up spending on your bathroom ventilation system will obviously depend on several factors such as material quality, efficiency levels and overall size: A regular fan which isn’t very powerful or high-tech shouldn’t be too expensive but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t choose wisely; On the other hand, a powerful exhaust fan with a whole bunch of features will be more expensive while being better at maintaining ideal humidity levels in the room.

23. How do I clean my bathroom exhaust fan?

By taking it apart and cleaning all components individually: After removing your device from its housing, you should unscrew everything which isn’t held together by nuts or bolts; Then take apart each piece from there so that you can thoroughly clean them without damaging any moving parts; Once this preliminary step is done, wash every part using warm water and mild soap (this prevents damage to sensitive components); Make sure that these pieces dry properly before putting them back together!

24. What causes leaking around my bathroom exhaust fan?

No matter what type of bathroom fan you have, there are certain common causes which may lead to the formation of water around its housing: This can happen if seals get old and/or damaged so if your device is still relatively new then it may be a good idea to have them replaced just in case; If these parts are okay then check out your ventilation system for any cracks or spaces where moisture may accumulate (this usually happens at joints); If everything checks out fine then make sure that the ventilation pipe is sealed off as tightly as possible so no cold air escapes.


With all of these tips written down, you should be ready to make your purchase and feel confident about the future of your bathroom! After reading this guide you should know exactly what features to look for as well as how to take care of them so you can use your device for as long as possible.

There’s no way around it: There are simply thousands of options out there but without an extensive list like this one then finding the best product would almost seem impossible! These reviews were made in order to help consumers just like yourself pick out a unit which suits their needs while spending their money wisely. The same goes with other articles on our website so if you enjoyed this one then have a look at some more posts by visiting our homepage! See you there and remember: Stay informed!


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